In this article, I will share practical and straightforward advice on how to stop (holy wars) arguing about code quality and find measurable arguments about the necessity of refactoring, simplification, adding comments or documentation for the code. While I’m going to refer to exact commercial tools in the second half…

Everything you need to know about the concept of Community of Practices and how to engage collaborations in multiple Agile teams across the organization.

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What is a community of practice?

A community of practice (CoP) is a group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do…

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Who should read it

This article is for web content makers and owners of the public content platforms, web developers, and anyone who can suddenly publish content that might become a subject of DMCA claim. …

What is Single Sign-On at all?

Suppose you have a web application that people are using to do one thing X, but you are doing it great. For example, it would be a web store allowing to order a custom T-shirt printing by uploading some funny and pretty images found in the internet.

You are looking…

With COVID-19 everybody went to remote work, and 2020 became a year with significant security risks at organizations’ infrastructure, software, and hardware tools. I expect this trend to grow even more in 2021; it’s going to affect not only organizations but also personal security while you at home.
Below you…

This is my own article re-published from DZone

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Developers who tried to build at least one product for an end-user know how many things are essential in a product: thoughtful UX, friendly UI, good performance and stability, security and data consistency, logging and maintenance, etc.
Multiply this to the number…


Many API documentation approaches exist in the industry. You can use many tools to automate creating the documentation: from XML-based comments and aggregators to Swagger API, Open API, etc. …

Anton Yarkov

Senior Software Engineer and Engineering manager with 10+ years of experience in development of high loaded online systems.

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